Antique Linen Pulled Lace

Supper Tablecloth

Item Number T048011

Whoa!! Looks kinda perfect on my little vintage English pub table in the last picture! 

Antique linen tablecloth is sized for the mid-day meal and was elaborately embroidered with pulled lace.  This is the common man's lace that could be worked with just the simple sewing tools that every seamstress would have: a needle, thread and an awl.  The threads in the fabric were pulled apart in a grid pattern to form the overall design.  Each opening was then over embroidered to finish it off. 

This work is particularly wonderful for everyday use because the lace work and over embroidery actually serves to make the linen stronger and more durable!  This piece has matching inner and outer borders of flowers and Acanthus leaves and narrow "frames" of Venetian drawnwork....a wonderful example of the style that you will want to use every day!  Freshly laundered and pressed, in excellent condition.  c.1900 - 1920s 49" square

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Antique pulled lace (also called punchwork) supper sized tablecloth, gorgeous!


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