Antique Log Cabin Quilt

French Floral Back, WOW!

Item Number S034910

Antique hand pieced light to medium weight log cabin quilt was finished on the back with a beautiful French green floral print that has absolutely stolen the show.  Beautiful enough to prompt a room-re-design. 

Be inspired...

Earthy green cotton floral print whole cloth style back is punctuated with delicious swirls of posies that repeat to form little frames for pink and cranberry floral!  But then, there is the rugged log cabin quilt on the actual business side...not being a quilter or one who knows much about them, this one appears to be quite impressive with it's use of light and dark fabrics  to form a pattern within a pattern.  Do I sound like a novice?  It's because I am, at least at describing antique quilts!  But I know that when my jaw hits the floor, I'm on to something... :-)

Flaws on the log cabin side could be repaired if you are good at that sort of thing.  But none of the issues pose a risk to the usefulness or integrity of the quilt.  I love this piece!  Offered as found...clean and side is perfect.....the other has a few issues, shown below.  c.1880's - 1910.  74" square


Antique log cabin quilt with French floral whole cloth back to-die-for!


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