Antique Turkey Red Embroidered

Ruffled Layover Shams "Sweet Sleep"

Item Number P029810

Ok. There are many small flaws, shown below, but, hey...we'd all be sufferin' if we were 120 years old, don't you think?! 

  Antique Victorian turkey red embroidered layover shams embody the heart of the Victorian style with fleur de lis and fancy work stitching.  The flaws are too numerous to mention, but are all shown below..but of real note is a short section of fancy work on the edge that has faded terribly.  There are some things you must accept in order to delight in the the whole (there is a deeper meaning here...)  Charming beyond words...promise me you will use them...Freshly laundered and pressed, in good useful condition. 

c.1880 - 1910  25" X 31.5"


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Antique Victorian turkey red embroidered cotton layover shams, "Sweet Sleep"

$95 pair

(Priced for condition)

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