Antique German Linen Kitchen Towels, Unused

Tropical Damask, Turkey Red Monogram "EB"

Item Number K024610

Turkey red monograms from this period signified personal linens that were likely used for bathing or in more mundane utilitarian chores in the kitchen, for example.  I always smile when I find the red monograms....what those in antiquity saw as rather banal, I usually find utterly charming and beautiful...

Antique linen German damask is vivid and detailed in a tropical pattern of leaves and fronds. Medium to heavy weight linen is of the most durable and thick last through many a bath for years to come.  The turkey red embroidered monograms were marked with the traditional blue German marking powder that washes away in the first hot soak, I promise! 

Each has two hand sewn hanging tabs, one at each end.  Use these as runners and valances!  Unused and in excellent condition but in desperate need of a bath, offered as found. They will launder to a light oatmeal/cream color.  c.1890 - 1910  Huge at 20" X 45.5".

The monograms on these match K026710.

6  German antique linen Tropical damask kitchen towels, turkey red embroidered monogram "EB"

$22 each

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