Antique Embroidered Linen Hanky

                        Royal Coronet, Monogram "M"

Item Number H054811

Gorgeous, hand embroidered (Italian?) finest linen antique  hanky is elegantly finished with a four unique floral and eyelet embroidered cartouches, a different one in each corner.  A very simple Olde English "M" monogram is topped with a royal coronet signifying this was once owned and carried by a member of a royal family. Creamy white linen lawn is shabby, with numerous "flaws" of age and wear that are shown below.  There will be no doubt that this piece is your bride's "something old".   Condition is a bit fragile but certainly sturdy enough for long term display and gentle handling for an special teary moment....rare for your collection, or perfect for your wedding.  Offered as found, in good condition for it's age.  c.1800 -- early 19th century  25" X 23"

Antique Italian embroidered linen hanky, royal crown monogram "M"

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