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Hi Nancy, These are all hand embroidered in

Madeira, Portugal and are vintage, c. 1940's - 60's.

I will launder and press the sets you purchase!


#6 Linen, Madeira, Portugal. Hand embroidered figures in traditional costume.

5.25" X 8" Set of 18 $90


#7 Madeira Lemon Tree, Imperial Linens Embroidery Co., 8" X 5", set of 6, $48


#8 Sheer organdy Madeira embroidered, appliquéd cherries, 8" X 5", set of 8, $95


#9 Madeira embroidered, Marghab "Bar Maid", 5" X 8.25",

set of 4+1 (one green one with a small hole in the the corner), $45


#10 Pink linen hand finished cocktail naps, 4.75" X 8", set of 6, $24


#11 Sheer Organdy reverse embroidered posies with replique borders in peach,

6" X 8", set of 6, $65


#12 Sheer organdy Madeira embroidered, fruits -- strawberries, pears, peaches, plums,

set of 10, 4.75" X 8", $115


#13 Rooster embroidered linen, 5" X 8", set of 10, $45


 #14 Linen embroidered "Cherries", 8" X 5", set of 8, $95



#15 These will be white on white when they are laundered! Embroidered

linen with floral borders, set of 7, 8" X 5", $45


#16 These will be creamy beige when they are laundered...and a wee bit shabby, but NO holes.

Fine linen embroidered with eyelets and scallops. 8" X 5", set of 5, $28

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