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Antique Society Silk Embroidered Doilies

Item Number D27706

The society silk style of embroidery began as a past time in England long before it came to America.  For some women it eventually became a way to earn a living from home.  Perhaps the original American cottage industry, fine silk embroideries could be produced at home and then sold as lots to linen houses for sale in a wider market.  "Society silk" is a popular reference to the Royal Society of Embroidery that produced the silk floss, embroidery patterns and promoted the cottage embroidery of finer pieces.  Additionally, they promoted embroidery "clubs" that fostered friendly competition between members to produce the finest work.   This glorious piece of embroidery came from that period and represents the very best of technique, materials and design.

Pretty enough to frame...but use them...I dare you!

Antique society silk embroidered pomegranates and plums on crisp creamy white linen are an exquisite complement to your French country chateau or Paris apartment...Centerpiece size doilies were originally used as "chargers" or desert mats on a very prissy table one hundred years ago.  Each bears three fruit and three floral vignettes in a warm country color palette of greens, gold, lavender and shades of red and pink.  Some of the finest embroidery work I've seen...the beauty is in the details, from the pomegranate seeds to the tulip's ruffles.  Exceptional in every way.  Freshly laundered in LeBlanc Linen Wash and pressed by hand...10 are nearly perfect, $65 each.  2 have age stains in the embroidered area, $50 each.  c.1900 -- 1920  12" round

12 Antique society silk embroidered doilies or mats

All Sold

Two below have darker stains and are sold for $50 each:

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