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Hand Crafted Vegetable Oil Soaps

Four Scents ~ Fabulous!

Item Number C35808

Long ago and far away I fell in love with the art of soap making....the scents, the oils, and even the science of the process fascinated me.  I confess, I am also a soap collector.  Sound strange?  Well, at first I called it research...for my business.  Then, I gave up trying to justify it and admitted my obsession.  In my display cabinets full of vintage compacts and girly trinkets I have stacks of round soaps, square French soaps, lavender soaps, and, well...lots of fabulous soaps!  I lined an antique pink medicine cabinet with vintage fabrics and gimp and filled it with...soaps.

Soooo, as a self described connoisseur of soap, I was delighted to find a soap maker who shared my vision...obsession.  I got to pick the scents, the fun part.  She perfected the formulas and does all the messy work.  We here at Em's Heart got to choose the wrappings and pretty final touches. 

All four are made of pure vegetable oil and are modestly scented so you won't be overwhelmed. Each bar is rough cut, meaning they actually look like they are hand made once you remove the wrapper...(because they are) so slight variations in size can be found among them.  They are made to be used but are beautifully wrapped for you to enjoy beforehand, too.  These are small so you won't feel guilty for trying two or three...or all four. Fresh, delightfully scented, long lasting hand crafted soap in sweet little 3 oz. bars

I can send tiny little samples with your next linen order if you'd like to smell before you buy...just ask!

~ Lily of the Valley...sweet and familiar

~ Fresh Linen ...clean, sweet and fresh scent

~ Goat's Milk and Honey...gentle, honey scent (my favorite!)

~ Café Savon.. scented with real coffee and contains ground

                           coffee beans, perfect for the kitchen sink

$3.95 each

Please indicate which scent(s) you would like when you place your order

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