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Antique French Bed Doll


Item Number C33108


French bed dolls were not made for play....well, not for little girls' play....

and were used to adorn a freshly made bed in a grown-up girl's boudoir. 

Absolutely charming French bed doll with real eyelashes has been lovingly restored but still needs a new wig and a frilly dress to be presentable.  Lovely details complete her look, including eyelashes, shadow and a "come hither" little beauty mark a-la Marilyn Monroe. Her fabric body is finished with composite lower arms and hands that show some age crazing, and high-heel be-decked composite feet.  A small paint flake on a shoe and a short, 1/2" open seam are the only flaws.

She needs a dress...nothing but the frothiest and frilliest will do for this  très beau darling!  Very French.  Very feminine.  Offered as found, in excellent condition.  c.1900 - 1930's   27" tall

Antique French bed doll, "Blonde"


Shown above with another antique French bed doll,  C33008, sold separately.

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