Antique Embroidered Sewing Kit

Kensington Style, "Luigie"

Item Number C045510

Aahhh, Luigie....He used this charming and functional three-fold satin case to store his needles.   If this is what he did for fun on a needle case, imagine what his real projects looked like...

I am sure he didn't intend to tell a story...just a little splash of color here...a smart moniker emblem there... but oh, the tales we could tell from this ever-so personal antique embroidered sewing kit!  "Luigie" demonstrated his knowledge of the Kensington stitch which places this piece in the time period for society silk embroideries, 1890 - 1920'ish. 

Shabby and a bit worn at the corners.  The inside is pink satin but is showing the years in age and fading.  Wonderful collector piece.  Offered as found in good condition for it's age.  Not fragile.  c.1900  6" X 4.25" when closed

Embroidered black satin antique sewing kit/needle case...society silk style embroidery (in cotton)


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