Mental Pause

Musings of delirium and other words wrought

from the heart of middle age... Em




Here is the story of the Arizona hike

that nearly took my life in 2003....





Dreary spaces called to me

With steamy-hued desire.

A favored couch and matching chairs

Had need of new attire.


Covers slipped and slopped were sad

From years of use and spills;

Flirtatious thoughts now begged my purse,

“Surrender to our will!”


A giddy, rebelled, rising voice

Took charge inside my head.

Emphatically, it came to me,

“The sofa must be red!”


The picture in my throbbing brow

Directed every step

From shop to shop until I met

The best designer, Ed!


He listened to my witty rant

Of sofa covers slipped.

He teased and tamed the rebel vision

Darting from my lips.


With august flare he brought to life

The picture in my head;

Forties floral, tweed of green,

And a sofa dressed in red.



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